Mission Statement

Our mission is to create supportive living communities for young adults with FASD who are unable to live safely on their own. These FASD Communities will provide residences with a homey atmosphere and meaningful social and vocational opportunities, carefully guided by a FASD-informed staff. By focusing on their strengths and providing the appropriate assistance, the residents of FASD Communities can live to their greatest potential and become change-makers in the larger community. Additionally, we are striving hard to increase awareness of FASD throughout the country.


Current Update:

“May, 2021—Having just returned from Platteville, WI, where I was finally able, for the first time in over a year, to meet with residents, neighbors and other community members again, I walked away incredibly content at knowing that this vital and only home in the US created exclusively for young adults with FASD is a success. It has become an evidence-based model of the appropriate care needed for young adults with FASD who can no longer live at home, but deserve productive and happy lives. The residents’ life skills are supported daily by FASD-informed staff which allows them to raise animals, participate in the local Farmers’ market selling baked goods and artwork and partake in volunteer and part-time paid employment. Most of all, by living in this unique environment of care, the residents have become self-advocates and made friends that feel like family among themselves, the staff and the community. Using this replicable model, we continue working on opening up additional FASD Communities.”

Gigi Davidson, Executive Director

Executive Director, Gigi Davidson, visiting the Platteville home May, 2021.