FASD Communities

FASD Communities is a volunteer, grassroots registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing supportive housing, vocational opportunities and life skills to young adults across the U.S. In addition, we are seeking validation of the damage from prenatal alcohol exposure, the leading preventable cause of birth defects and developmental disabilities and supports for individuals on the spectrum and their families.

We are working every day to educate people on the silent epidemic of FASD in the United States. We have seen a 42% increase in alcohol consumption since the beginning of Covid-19. It is important now, more than ever, to educate people on not only the risks taken while drinking during pregnancy, but also the life-long adverse effects it will have on the unborn child. We currently have one home housing young adults with FASD in Platteville, Wisconsin.

Platteville is our model home, the first of its kind, and has been running successfully for 3 years. We now have a replicable model.

Each resident has a bedroom, access to communal spaces, and engages in numerous activities in the community almost daily. The residents in Platteville have been embraced by the larger community. They work, volunteer at thrift stores and animal shelters, and participate in the local farmers’ market.

Residents of our Platteville home express,  “We’re not a group home, we’re a family.

Parents of the residents say, “ We are happy that we have found the right fit and our daughters are happy living in a structured and protected environment with kind and caring staff and want this to be their ‘forever home’.

FASD Communities is a volunteer, grassroots organization and we always are seeking volunteers to help us be the change-makers in raising awareness about the silent epidemic of FASD.