Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders – Chicago Tribune Article

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FASD is an Often Misdiagnosed Brain-Based Disorder

By Bonnie Miller Rubin, Chicago Tribune reporter
It has been two years since a Tennessee mom sent her 7-year-old adopted son back to Russia with a note that read: “I no longer wish to parent this child.” While no definitive diagnosis ever was made public, the boy was thought to suffer from fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Congress Takes On Fetal Alcohol Exposure – Alaska Dispatch

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Jill Burke | Apr 02, 2012
Alaska’s U.S. Senators have joined colleagues from South Dakota and Hawaii in a national push to help prevent pregnant mothers from drinking alcohol and assist individuals living with the lifelong effects of various fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Stricter Thinking on Alcohol During Pregnancy – Wall Street Journal

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In the sixth to 12th week of pregnancy, a fetus’s bones, brain and central nervous system are forming. Buds blossom into arms and legs, and internal organs start to function. A face with eyelids, lips and other features appears.