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Fundraisers and Grant Writers:

We are looking for creative and energetic people with networks and contacts to share.



Do you have a skill or hobby to teach? Perhaps you can spend time with a young person, who would like nothing better than to share an outing or activity?  One caring adult can make a huge impact.


Social Media Gurus:

Do you have a large network on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter?  Would you be interested in tweeting, posting or blogging for us? Your networks bring huge awareness to our efforts.


Marketing and communications professionals:

Looking for an internship? Need a thesis project?  Your efforts can help build awareness of FASD, along with your resume. Check out this FASD Volunteer Form, or if you are not sure how or if you want to volunteer fill out our FASD Volunteer Survey and find out!!!


We’ve been busy…ready for residency applications!!!

Aloha Communities Platteville names Program Director, Jamie Klein

Jamie is a social worker with experience working in adolescent residential care and in case management for child protective services. Jamie received his Master of Social Work degree from Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa. During this time, he completed a practicum placement at the United Way where his focus was grant writing, non-profit evaluation, and community partnerships. Jamie is a native of Central Wisconsin and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Jamie has leadership experience as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Non-Commissioned Officer. Prior to his career in social work Jamie was a personal banker in the financial sector. Jamie and his wife Nikki are active in the Platteville community where they live with their son Ira.

Jamie Klein, MSW
Program Director
Aloha Community Platteville


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